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FREE Webinar | How To Recession Proof Your Finances

Of course there is a lot going on right now.

Many people have been emailing me and reaching out through social media asking my thoughts on how this virus will effect the economy.

I think a more important question is how it is going to effect your personal economy.

Not to get into the weeds, but understand that there has been a decrease in the supply chain from overseas (dock workers), decrease in travel (airlines, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc), decrease in spending (everything).

If money is not being spent at businesses and services then that means that people who work there are going to have their hours cut. A more serious threat is that salary workers will be laid off or furloughed.

I do not operate in panic. I operate in preparation.

This week I am doing a FREE Live Webinar where I will be sharing how you can recession proof your finances.

There will be NO REPLAY so make sure that you sign up and attend it live.

Here is the link where you can reserve your spot


See you on the webinar!

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