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Say Goodbye To That Extra Money

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

By Ja'Net Adams

For over a year now there has been extra money going to unemployment thanks to the federal government. First it was an extra $600 a week and now it is $300 a week. The $300 was supposed to end on Labor Day, but twelve states have already ended the benefit with more to come on July 10th. There is no law against states stopping the extra money so I want to share what you can be doing right now with your money just in case the extra benefit goes away for you before Labor Day.

Save It: If this extra money has been a lifeline for you then now is the time to save as much of it as you can just in case the benefit stops before Labor Day. Open up a savings account and start moving part of the money there. A separate savings account will make it a little harder for you to spend the money. Now is the time to start building up an emergency fund especially if you are finding it hard to land a job.

Move Up: While the extra $300 is in place it gives you financial breathing room to move up in pay. You move up by taking this time to apply for jobs that pay you a higher per hour or salary pay. You should spend most of your days during the week searching for jobs that not only pay you more money, but also offer more benefits than your last job. It is great to get paid more, but it is even better to have reliable healthcare and more vacation days. Never Coming Back: Just like the $600 a week is never coming back, this extra $300 a week may never come back. This means that if you know that without the $300 your money is tight then starting today you should start to cut back on expenses. Look at anything that takes money out of your pocket and see how you can save money on it. By doing this you will be in a much better financial position when the $300 a week stops. It is guaranteed that the money will be gone this year so make sure you are financially prepared to move forward.

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