• Ja'Net Adams


If we are really being honest "Black Friday" is for all the big retailers. For the most part small businesses get looked over. This was the case until 2010 when "Small Business Saturday" was created. Ever since then small business entrepreneurs have been given their own designated day to promote their unique offerings.

Today is Small Business Saturday and I want to do something really special for those in my community who are ready to take action in their own personal development.

For TODAY ONLY I am doing a 50% OFF SALE on EVERYTHING on my site!

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My site offers various courses that can help you towards financial freedom, become a full time speaker, or start and grow your business.

Courses Available:

Starting A Business:

1. Life And Business Bundle

2. Vlogging To Increase Your Bottom Line

3. How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Selling Your Book

Financial Freedom:

1. Get Your Money Right Bundle

2. The Money Attractor Yearly Membership

3. 8 Survey Sites That Pay You Money

Become A Full Time Speaker:

1. How To Become A Highly Paid Speaker

2. A Speaker's BluePrint

3. How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Selling Your Book (More money to your bottom line as a speaker)

All these courses are 50% OFF TODAY ONLY! In addition to the courses I have also added in the sale the options to work 1 on 1 with me.

1 on 1 coaching sessions around financial freedom head here

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If you are ready to invest in your future make sure you head to The Money Attractor Academy and take advantage of this awesome deal!